1965 Fender Princeton (SOLD)




1965 Fender Princeton (non reverb)
s/n a003768 (June ’65)

This VERY clean 50 year old gem is 95% original. The only changes ever made are the original baffle has been cut for a 12 inch speaker (most likely early in its life) and a three prong power cable has been added. Untouched other then that, its impressively clean inside and out.

Currently loaded with a 1968 Jensen C12-S and sounds great! To my ears, a good upgrade. Extremely electronically quiet, barely any power hum even on 10. This amp was obviously always very well taken care of throughout its long life.

A brand new non original Fender vintage style single button footswitch included for the vibrato.

If shipped, it will be professionally packed with extreme care with tracking info provided. 

Speaker Option

For an additional $200 I can include a fitted Mojo Tone baffle with Fender Style grill cloth ($57.68 new value) cut for a 10 inch speaker and a very lightly used Weber 10a150 speaker ($173 new value) bringing it back to its original spec speaker size.

Any questions just ask.

**Shipping costs to be negotiated between the buyer and Outsiders Vintage prior to point of sale.